Food 2.0: Food Miscegenation and New Technologies: France, USA, Turkey

Colloque Novembreunder the supervision of Pierre Raffard

Paris, November 2016, CNRS (ISCC) – The announcement of the introduction of food products produced through recent advances in molecular biology and genetics in the United States marks a new step in the way technologies are redefining our relationship to food. Indeed, in addition to the Californian example, other technical and technological advances, particularly those concerning communication networks, are now providing eaters with new tools that can influence their food choices. The comparison of three different national contexts (France, United States, Turkey) should make it possible to better understand the role of these new technologies, the answers they claim to provide to populations and how they contribute to the diffusion of new food models.

  • History and geography of the agri-food model: comparison between United States, France, Turkey
  • New technologies, factors of food transformation
  • Miscegenation 2.0

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