Eating habits – Consumer behaviour

What is the logic that governs our food choices and our culinary practices?  The way we eat, alone or in the company of others, during meal times or in-between meals, how we value food, follow specific rules, principles and operations varies according to culture, place, and civilization.

Our logic is often implicit, rooted and buried in our culinary systems. Without even realizing it, we follow daily “food scripts” that guide our choices and build our tastes from breakfast to dinner.

Is taste a social, individual, or genetic construct? How are our food preferences organized? Does vegetarianism seduce French people differently from Italians or English? Do Big Data and algorithms transform the way we “eat together?” What does cooking actually mean to a Frenchman versus an American? What will be the place of “meat” in our eating habits tomorrow? Are probiotics really a “super food?”

What is the hidden logic behind disgust? Why are French people the smallest group of  of soda consumers in Europe? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? These are all questions which require understanding our eating habits before clarification




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