Protein and Energy : A Study of Changing Ideas in Nutrition

protein This book offers an intriguing look at the historical context of the repeated controversies during the past 150 years over the relative merits of a high-protein versus a low-protein diet. It puts the protein controversy into a historical perspective that sheds light on the scientific aspects of these questions and their historical development in a way that should be of interest to a wide range of readers in medicine, nutrition, public health, and history of science and medicine.

Contents :

Nutritional science before the Chemical Revolution (1614-1773)

Nutrition in the light of the New Chemistry (1773-1839)

Protein discovered and enthroned (1838-1845)

Things fall apart (1846-1875)

Vegetarian philosophies and Voit’s standards (1875-1893)

Chittenden versus the U.S. establishment (1883-1912)

Vitamins and amino acids (1910-1950)

Protein deficiency as a Third World problem (1933-1957)

International actions to produce high-protein supplements (1955-1990)

Re-appraisals of the Third World problem (1955-1990)

Adult needs for amino acids: a new controversy (1950-1992)


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