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Silvia Pérez-Vitoria is an economist, sociologist and documentary filmmaker. Her research focuses on agricultural issues, farmermovements, criticism against economic development and agroecology. She has made numerous documentaries on these themes in the United States, Nicaragua, Mexico, France, Spain, Romania and Italy.

Silvia Pérez-Vitoria was at the initiative of the following symposiums Défaire le développement, refaire le monde (Paris, 2002) ; Agroécologie; Nourriture, paysannerie, autonomie (Albi, 2008).

She has also published two books Les Paysans sont de retour (Famers are back), La Riposte des paysans (The farmers’ riposte) and collaborated on another La bio entre business et projet de société (Organic between business and society project). She also teaches in the Master of Agroecology at the International University of Andalusia.

In Italy, her book Les paysans sont de retour received the 2008 Farmers’ friend award and the 2009 Nonino Prize. It is translated into German and Spanish. Today, Silvia Pérez-Vitoria is considered as one of the best journalists specialized in alternative farming movements from all over the world; she collaborates in particular with L’Ecologiste (French edition of The Ecologist) and Le Monde Diplomatique.


Ph.D. in Economics, Université Paris VIII

Recent academic publications:

  • “L’agriculture urbaine, alternative agricole ou alternative urbaine ?”, Revue d’ethnoécologie, 2015
  • Manifeste pour un XXIème siècle paysan, Actes Sud, 2015


Research Theme

  • Food security - Health, Risk & Society
  • Ethics, environment, animal welfare
  • Nutrition, genetics, epigenetics
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