For an agricultural and ecological exception – A Manifesto

        It is widely accepted that certain cultural goods, instead of being considered merely as merchandise, should be kept separate from trade on the free market, with the aim of protecting the traditions and the vitality of all cultures and, ultimately, of protecting our shared humanity. Should … More

Microbes & bacteria: the culinary revolution 2.0

In 2015, Rob Rhinehart, 26, software engineer and founder of the startup company Soylent, have been nominated by Inc. Magazine in their 2015 “best and brightest young entrepreneurs” list.  Since 2013, his company markets Soylent, a beverage in the form of a powder to be mixed with water, and intended … More

Wine’s United Kingdom

One of the more remarkable propositions in Legouy and Boulanger’s excellent Atlas de la Vigne et du Vin (2015) is that whilst wine consumption in France and Italy has steadily declined over the past forty years, wine consumption in Britain has exploded. Red, white, and rosé are colours that are … More

French Vegetarian Cuisine : a Foreign Affair ?

French gastronomy, so highly regarded worldwide, does put substantial emphasis on meat, especially for main courses. Coq au Vin, Pot au Feu, Beef Bourguignon and Steak Chateaubriand are famous dishes, and famously meaty. Whether at restaurants or in canteens, avoiding meat in France is, as Sandra Haurant in The Guardian … More

The Crying Laughing Cow

She’s been an ingénue of the dairy aisle since 1921, when a well-placed ad campaign ingrained her laughing muzzle and sassy earrings all over our collective imagination, synonymous with the wholesome protein-packed cheesy goodness of childhood. Until September 7, 2016, when her “healthy” status was toppled, once and for all. … More